We help sales teams to increase success connections ratio

by validating emails and phones (plus E.164 formatting)

Modern business and digital transformation makes good lead generation strategy absolutely essential to grow your business. However, leads with bad data (incomplete contact information, inaccurate phone number or fake email) are ubiquitous in any industry. Operating this way may lead you to the situation when sales queues contain 15-30% of bad data, and your lead qualification teams are wasting their valuable time trying to dial non-existing numbers or sending messages to incorrect emails. ScoringBar is here to help you.
We inspect leads contact details, both phone and email to make sure your sales organisation is focusing on real ones.

ScoringBar key features

Let's see what you get with ScoringBar subscription

Whatever you are buying or acquiring leads, ScoringBar is power tool to validate and format (E.164) phones and emails in bulk to help your sales teams to increase conversion rate by accepting accurate, validated leads. In a nutshel the answer is - ScoringBar ROI is 2000% and here are how we calc:

Manual lead cleansing process

  • 5,000* leads/month
  • 30 seconds to try and update each lead
  • 2,500 minute = 83hours x $25 an hour rate
  • Monthly cost: $1,042
  • Total yearly cost: $12,500

Automated process
powered by ScoringBar

  • 5,000* leads/month
  • No manual work required
  • Saved 2,500 minute = 83hours
  • Monthly cost: $50
  • Total yearly cost: $600

Your benefits:

  • Improve marketing campaign effectiveness
  • Make sure you have captured an accurate phones and emails
  • You have extra ±83hours (which are two weeks of working days) of your sales force to add value to your business
  • The upfront investments are reasonable low, and you end up saving a whole lot of money and time
  • ScoringBar offers custom plans that best matches your needs and values
  • ScoringBar can be plugged into your systems in a few minutes

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ScoringBar service made for businesses of every size. We offer standard and custom subscription plans that allows to easily scale with your business. Ready to start your plan? But have some questions to ask - simply contact us and our sales representative will respond to you shortly. Or start a free trial account - it's risk-free to take a drive test of ScoringBar!



Limited to
5000 unique leads/mo



 Let's talk

Almost unlimited


CUSTOM = we work with you on a subscription that best matches your needs and values.

Most frequent questions at this point of time

No, the trial is absolutelly free.Contact us for details.
Simply build a report in your CRM to see how many leads were created last month, month before or thru entire quarter (in last case you need to divide your total by 3 ), our STANDARD plan covers validation of 5000 leads per month. Do you have a perfect match with STANDARD plan? Otherwise,let's get in touch
Leads on top of your limit (5000/mo) will be processed same month. We most likely will charge you additionally, depends on extra quantity. However if your workload is growthing constantly, we would recommend you to upgrade your account to CUSTOM plan.Let's get in touch
Getting started with ScoringBar is super easy. Let's pick the best option for you:

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It's always pleasure to get in touch. If we have a common interest - it's double fun. Just fill in the form and let us pick the ball and get back to you with something really interesting.

We are keep moving, here are our plans

Data enrichment is definitely number one priority for us, we know you want to know as much as possible about the person and company. Some sales teams are willing to know Company's revenue, so it's easy for them to get a clue on sales potential. We are considering  Dun&Bradstreet

Robots. We are experimenting with robots talking over the phone with prospects to support qualification process. These conversation rather simple than complex, but quite efficient for basic tactics. If you are interested in our private betas - drop us a message.