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Superstring Solutions AG is an international team of sales, operations and software professionals, headquartered in Switzerland. In the course of our extensive experience optimizing lead generation, qualification and sales processes we faced a number of challenges, quite similar across different companies. We are committed to solving them in turn, starting with a very specific quick win: optimizing incoming lead flow contact data quality. We are only starting and would love to become long term partners with you to help you on your digital transformation journey!


  • Customer's succeess is our success as well

    Our products and services are designed to increase the efficiency of the business. Everything that is connected with it has the highest priority for us. Though profit is important, we are measuring our success by happy customers.

  • Open conversations

    Transparency, conversation from the heart helps us continually improve. Even when we make mistakes, we make them visible and share the evidence used to make right decisions.

  • Respect

    At ScoringBar we respect the work and time of everyone, and we expect the same attitude in return.

  • Simplicity

    We are doing our best to keep our services as simple as possible.


We like as a blogging platform, we have started with back in 2017. Feel free to follow us or/and read posts time to time...


First of all, we are not hunting for investors. We are doing our best to get funded by our customers. We are a ‘semi-bootstrapped’ company with a strong belief that companies are created to make money, not to raise funds. We are constantly enhancing our product to make sure our customers are successful and in return they fund our further growth.
Meet our investor and Board Member

Anton Antich Investor and Board Member

Currently, Anton is focusing on angel investments in various b2b software (AI, retail omni channel, space tech, infrastructure software) and "foodtech" companies, advising them on global scaling and operations.
In the past Anton were a part of success of such companies as Tricentis, Veeam, VMWare and Microsoft in roles spanning:
  • Leading regional sales & marketing teams
  • Running global maintenance renewals business
  • Transforming and evolving the company as a data-driven business, from "classic" BI to self-learning algorithms, to business processes definitions, change management and automation

If you have investments related questions or inquiries, please contact our team below.

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