ScoringBar Connector Installation Guide

Get up and running in a few mins!

Salesforce admins can easily add the ScoringBar Connector to their organization’s site — just visit the Salesforce AppExchange.

How to install Salesforce App

In order to install, simply follow these steps:

  • Open Salesforce AppExchange App Page.
  • ClickGet it now from the application information page.
  • Select your environment either production or test (well known as sandbox).
  • Enter the requested information. For production environments, enter your username and password, read the user terms, select the I have read and agree... checkbox, and clickConfirm and Install!
  • Review the package items and click Continue.
  • Our App is a connector to ScoringBar service, so you will have to allow the App to connect to third-party website (

  • In Enterprise, Unlimited, Performance, and Developer Editions, choose a security option - Install for All Users
  • You should see
    Installation Complete
  • Or/and you should get an email
    Installation Complete Email
  • Then you should be able to see our App in Setup > Installed Packages

What ScoringBar Connector does?

The App captures contact information from lead - Country, Phone, Mobile and Email, into lookup custom object - Score Result. It happens every time a new lead is created or updated in your Salesforce org. There are two scheduled job created by App in your Salesforce org, which help to send contact information to ScoringBar and after some time to fetch it back. You will automatically see the validation results on Lead object via formulas.

What objects will be installed on your Salesforce instance

Our App is a mix of Apex classes, triggers, one custom object (for storing the data) and scheduled jobs. We are using lookup on Lead to link our custom object, and all of the useful information is available right on the Lead via formulas without having you jumping between windows.
Also you can see the exact objects within the installation process, click View Components:

View Components link

Scheduled Jobs

By default our App creates two jobs:

  • One job is for sending data from your Salesforce to ScoringBar for validation purposes
  • Second job is for getting validation results back to your Salesforce
Jobs run asynchronously in the background of your salesforce environment.

How to add custom field to existing layouts

Unfortunately we didn’t find a way to add our fields to Lead’s layouts as a part of installation process. However it’s easy to do on your own, here is how-to:


In Setup, go to Customize > Leads > Page Layouts
Salesforce > Setup > Customize > Leads > Page Layouts


In Setup, select Object Manager tab > click Leads > and then click Page Layouts
Salesforce > Setup > Object Manager > Leads
Edit each page layout you are using in your organisation with adding fields to desired layout sections, like shown on the picture (we recommend to put fields next to original, i.e. International Phone next to Phone, etc). Save layout!

How to build a Report

It’s also very simple:

  • Go to Reports tab in your Salesforce org
  • Click New Report...
  • Scroll or type a report type "Leads and Score Result" and create it
  • We recommend you to add most valuable columns from Score Results: Phone Validation Status, Mobile Validation Status, Email Validation Status
  • Setup other filters to limit your report to only needed Leads
  • You are ready to run your report

Setup Click-to-Dial

Depends on your CTI solution, you need to mimic the  sendCTIMessage method.
You will have to create a formula field which makes a reference to a phone number stored in our custom object:

HYPERLINK("javascript:sendCTIMessage('/CLICK_TO_DIAL?DN=' + encodeURIComponent('" (PhoneNumberField) "') + ' ID=' + encodeURIComponent('"   ObjectId   "') + ' ENTITY_NAME=' + encodeURIComponent('Object') + ' OBJECT_NAME='+encodeURIComponent('" Object.Name "')+' DISPLAY_NAME='+encodeURIComponent('Object'))" , PhoneNumberField,"_self")
You should slightly modify a code snippet to have it working in your environment:
  • PhoneNumberField  is a phone number which you want to call to
  • ID  of the object where you want to add the phone number field
  • Object  is a name of the object where you add the phone number
  • Object.Name , name which is displayed in the CTI Data Connector when the call is active
Also check these links:!/feedtype=SINGLE_QUESTION_DETAIL id=90630000000h3LNAAY

What APIs/limits within Salesforce ScoringBar Connector is consuming

Good question.

Understanding a validation results

There are few validation statuses for Phone, Mobile and Email. Let’s review them one by one:

 #  Validation Status Object Comments
 1Not processed yetPhone, Mobile, EmailObject is marked as ready to be send for validation
 2Sent for InspectionPhone, Mobile, EmailObject is sent for validation
 3ValidPhone, MobileTests are passed, object is valid
 4Valid SMTPEmailCan’t verify exact email/inbox, but Mail/SMTP server exists
 5Valid inboxEmailEmail address is good
 6InvalidPhone, Mobile, EmailObject is invalid
 7Temporary inboxEmailTemporary email service is detected. Bad sign as people are often use temporary services to hide their identity
 8Public serviceEmailPublic email service is detected, such as gmail or yahoo

A temporary or "disposable" email address is one that a user has set up to live for only a short period of time for a variety of reasons (pass the registration, receive the confirmation or link for trial download). Usually you will not be able to initiate the contact thru such emails, but we leave that up to how you wish to implement your own strategy.

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